I have had the honor of not only working with Jen professionally, but have also been blessed to have her attend both of my deliveries. She has a clear understanding of the needs of a laboring mother and her passion for caring for laboring  women is obvious. We will always be grateful to Jen for the miraculous care that she provided.

EricaLabor and Delivery RN

Our postpartum doula helped us out quite a bit following the birth of our baby. She
met with us prenatally, made placenta pills for us, helped us get a lactation consultant to come over on short notice, went to the grocery store, made us food, showed us how to use the Moby wrap, provided support and encouragement. She was a wonderful postpartum doula.

The Jones Family

Jennifer Matera is an amazing doula!  Both my husband and I can attest to Jen’s ability, knowledge, and caring attitude.  She was the glue that held my husband and I together through my labor!   Looking back, my husband and I agree that hiring Jen as our doula is by far the best decision we have made.   I will definitely use Jen again with our second!  I LOVE YOU JEN!


As the husband and (first time father) I drastically underestimated  how hard the birth process would be on me emotionally, watching my wife in labor and me feeling helpless. Our doula was a pillar to lean on at the hardest times and if it wasn’t for her consistent support, I would have broken emotionally. She knew I needed to be there for my wife  and kept me going even when I didn’t think I could any more.

The Jones Family

Our doula’s calm and steady coaching kept me present, even when I truly thought I could not handle what was happening. Her gentle reminders to stay with what we wanted in our birth experience helped a great deal. Her advice helped us navigate the hospital experience as well.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

Isabel, Rich & “Kique"

I  just wanted to thank you for a great class series Heather.  Tony and I learned so much and the information we got out of the class is invaluable!  As a new nurse I found you as a great role model! Your passion is palpable, and your use of evidence-based care really spoke to me. I hope when I get back into the workforce that I land at a place with a similar philosophy of care so that I can practice nursing the way that you get to practice.


We had no real idea what a doula does. We knew they would help us determine mandatory versus optional procedures  but our doula did so much more. The labor was long and because of our doula my husband could rest and I was still being lovingly cared for. Her presence was our angel here on earth. Doulas provide practical guidance as well as moral support. We loved our doula!

The Lochen Family

When I went into labor, our doula was right there beside us. She gave my husband great tools and suggestions to be my primary encourager. When my labor started moving really fast toward the end, and I was losing my mental focus, she helped me recenter and be the most effective laborer that I could. Because of her, the birth that I was originally scared of ended up being a beautiful, intimate experience that I could not be more happy with!  Thank you Cocoon Birth!


Heather, I just wanted to take a moment and say what a wonderful experience we had working with you. You have such a wonderful group of doulas and we were so fortunate to have connected with Kari. I could not have asked for more!


Our Cocoon Birth doula was just fabulous.  She was always a pleasure to talk with and meet with, and she was very kind and patient with all of our questions.  I don’t recall a moment during labor when she was not right by my side.

The Bowles Family

We utilized Cocoon Birth’s on call doula program when we ended up being transferred to the hospital due to complications. I know she not only provided me with the support I needed during my 24 hour labor, but I know she provided incredible support to my husband. We loved our doula experience and are so thankful for Cocoon Birth.


Our Cocoon Birth doula was invaluable in the process and we definitely wouldn’t have had the positive birth experience for our son without her expertise and assistance. She helped get me through almost 19 hours of active labor and provided the support and expertise needed to guide me through. Thank you for offering your services and allowing us to have a doula experience we otherwise would be unable to afford.

Jennifer, Mike & Christian

Jennifer Matera is an amazing doula!  Both my husband and I can attest to Jen’s ability, knowledge, and caring attitude.  Looking back, my husband and I agree that hiring Jen as our doula is by far the best decision we have made.  She made the best day of our lives even better!  I will definitely use Jen again with our second!

AcaciaRegistered Nurse

Our Cocoon Birth doula was a much needed constant in our lives, during a time of transition.   It was very reassuring to know that no matter what happened, she was going to coach us through it and be our advocate. Thank you Cocoon Birth!


I find that couples are often concerned that having a doula will sideline the partner.  I think they just don’t realize that the doula cares for both of them and is a huge help for a partner who wants to be the primary labor support.

MollyCertified Nurse Midwife

I have found that first time mamas that have a doula for support progress better and labor more confidently.  The midwife often has to leave the room to care for other clients, take phone calls, and document on the computer.  Having that sustaining human presence who really understands birth and who is entirely focused on one mother can dramatically improve the process and outcome of a birth.

MollyCertified Nurse Midwife

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